About LiveSchool Learning Platform

LiveSchool Learning Platform

LiveSchool lessons are delivered using the LiveSchool learning platform. Our platform combines 2 different “online” teaching tools to create an integrated classroom.
Lessons are scheduled using the LiveSchool LMS (based on Moodle) which holds all of the resources and homework activities for the lesson and linked to the LiveSchool video sessions where learners can interact with the teacher and complete their learning.

Live Video Sessions

Live classes and group discussions allow all learners to access subject specialist tutors.

Crystal Clear Full Duplex Audio

Integrated Audio systems within LiveSchool allows learners and teacher to interact even when using lower bandwidths (slow internet connection).

Text Chat & Session Notes

Instant messaging / text chat is integrated into LiveSchool for communication between learners and teachers along with the audio.

Shared Interactive Whiteboards

Within LiveSchool, multiple shared whiteboards allows teachers (and learners) to type text, launch images and slides.

Share PowerPoint, Files & Images

LiveSchool teachers can share PowerPoint, PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT and other common document types. Use markup and annotation over slides and pages. Launch files and broadcast images synchronously, just like in a physical classroom.

Screen Sharing & Remote Control

Teachers can pass control of the whiteboard to an individual learner, which enhances learning allowing teachers to ask learners to complete activities in front of the whole class.

Group Rooms for Individual Collaboration

LiveSchool allows learners to all join the same classroom. However, there are times when a teacher needs to work with a learner 1 to 1 or in smaller groups. LiveSchool Group Rooms enable teachers to split the class into smaller groups so that your students collaborate and practice individually.

Session Recording and Playback

All sessions are recorded for both quality control and revision. LiveSchool continually monitor lessons, all of which are available to learners to revisit at anytime.