System Requirements for LiveSchool Learning Platform

LiveSchool Learning Platform – System Requirements

To ensure a smooth and trouble free learning experience you will need the following system requirements.

Computers, Tablets and Smart Phones

LiveSchool is supported on most operating systems and devices, you can use one of the following devices:

  • Laptop or desktop computers running Windows.
    This includes Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • All Apple computers running MAC OS 10.8 and above.
  • All Android based tablets or phones running an Android version 4 and above.
  • All iOS devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod.

All major web browsers are supported: FireFox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Android Web Browser (Internet).
Linux users can attend LiveSchool sessions too. All Linux users need to have Java installed on their system and Java Web Start available in their web browser. 

Network, Connection & Bandwidth Considerations

For a normal live session a reliable internet connection is required. We recommend broadband/3G or faster.
If you share your internet connection with others please make sure there is at least 2 mbps bandwidth available for your LiveSchool lesson.
A typical LiveSchool session may consume between 6 to 20 MB of data on your network. This may be more if intensive screen sharing or video is in use. If you are on a metered or mobile connection please check with your ISP if any charges apply.

​Audio Communication

Most of the LiveSchool sessions include audio communication. To be able to listen you need to have speakers or headphones attached to your device. If you are going to speak in a live session you will also need a microphone.
While currently most devices have built-in microphones and speakers, we strongly recommend using a headset or earbuds instead of built-in or loud speakers. Using loud speakers may cause echo for everyone else in your live session at times when you are also using your microphone.

 Digital Pens and Digital Tablets

Some LiveSchool courses involve extensive handwritten equations, in these cases we loan you a tablet with digital pen to be attached to your computer. This significantly eases the handwriting.
All such peripherals that are compatible with your computer are also compatible with LiveSchool.
Not supported: Currently we do not support Chrome Book computers running Chromium OS.